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Monday, January 1, 2007

Read Free Comic Books:

DC Comics - May require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Vertigo Comics - Recommended for Mature Readers. May require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Wildstorm Comics - May require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Image's Online Comics

Oni Press - Files in .cbr format.

  • Blue Monday: The Kids are Alright #1
  • Borrowed Time #1
  • Courtney Crumrin & the Night Things #1
  • Damned #1
  • Free Scott Pilgrim
  • Hopeless Savages: B-Sides
  • Leading Man #1
  • Little Star #1
  • Local #3
  • Love as a Foreign Language #1
  • Love Fights #1
  • Maintenance #1
  • Northwest Passage #1
  • Polly & the Pirates #1-2
  • Queen & Country
  • Wasteland #1
  • Whiteout #1*
  • Whiteout: Melt #1
Marvel Comics - Marvel Digital Comics has a pay subscription program, and selected free issues.

Dark Horse E-Comics - Requires Flash Plug-in. Includes some 90+ comics:

Newsarama Daily - Serialized issues, one page per weekday.

BOOM! Studios - A page a day of various BOOM titles, including:

  • 2 Guns
  • Cthulhu Tales Vol. 1
  • Hero Squared
  • Ninja Tales
  • Shmobots
  • Zombie Tales Vol. 1

Tokyopop - Opening chapters from 50 different series, including:

Warp Graphics

  • Elfquest: Graphic Novel #1: Fire & Flight
  • Elfquest: Hidden Years #1
  • Elfquest: Dreamtime #1
  • Elfquest: The Jury
  • Elfquest: Rogue's Curse
  • Xanth: Return to Centaur

Buffy: The Vampire Slayer Ecomics - Courtesy of the BBC.

Golden Age Public Domain Comics


The 9/11 Report: A Graphic Adaptation

Action Philosophers - By Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey.

The Mathematical Cartoons of Larry Gonick - Technically strips, but from the creator of the Cartoon History books.

My Very First Flag - Jeff Smith's contribution to DC's 9/11 tribute book.

Social Security Comics - Six public service comics issued by the Social Security Administration in the 1950s and 1960s.

Tales From the Public Domain: Bound By Law?* - An educational graphic novel on copyright, fair use, and the public domain.


Captain Confederacy #1-10 - Five pages a week of the alternative universe hero.

Feather #1-5 - A fantasy comic by the creator of Marvel's "Eden's Trail."

Free Scott Pilgrim #1

Fillmore! - An original story based on the late, lamented Disney series.

Girl Genius #1 - Feminism meets steampunk, courtesy of Phil Foglio. Read the entire first *volume* online for free.

Gon - The silent adventures of a cute little T-Rex.

"Heroes" Graphic Novels - From the hit NBC TV series.

Kabuki #1-4 - New pages added daily.

Licensable Bear TM - From the marketing genius of Nat Gertler.

The Matrix - Numerous visions of the Wachowski brothers' universe, from such esteemed folks as Neil Gaiman and Bill Sienkiewicz.

Max Hamm, Fairy Tale Detective in "Just Right"*

Owly - The adventures of Andy Runton's cute little owl.

  • Aw Nuts!
  • Bee Nice
  • Breakin' the Ice
  • Gone Swimmin'
  • Hangin' Up to Dry
  • Helping Hands
  • Let's Go Fly a Kite
  • Missin' You
  • Splashin' Around

Proximity Effect #1-2 - Top Cow.

Slave Labor Graphics - Pay the shipping, and the company will send you free copies of real, physical comic books.

The Spirit* - Will Eisner's origin of his classic pulp creation.

Supernatural Law - Beware the creatures of the night - They have lawyers!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Vol. I) #1-7 - Also includes the one-shots Donatello #1, Mike #1, Raphael #1, and Fugitoid #1.

Western Tales of Terror #3: Fool's Ransom - A short story by Jay Faerber.

Zot: Hearts & Minds - Scott McCloud's science hero returns in this online-only adventure.

Zuda Comics - DC's free online alternative webcomics site.


- CG

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